The Difference in the UK between Pint of Beer and Pint of Ale

The best thing about the world of beer and ale is that it is limitless with numerous drinks from different bars or taverns. Most drinkers, especially those fond of pubs near shepherd’s bush London, will testify that there is a slight difference between a pint of beer and a pint of ale. Therefore, when it comes to narrowing down between the two different flavours, it becomes easier.

What Makes a Pint of Beer and Pint of Ale Different?

What makes the two different is the type of fermentation process they undergo. To get the tastiest ale, we must create it using the full fermentation process. This means that we will ferment the yeast in warmer conditions and let it settle at the top of the beer.

However, the process is quite different for a pint of beer. When making beer, we tend to let the yeast settle at the bottom, elongate the fermentation process, and allow it to cool under cool temperatures. Another distinct difference is that ale tends to have a high alcohol tolerance than the yeast we use in beers.

Whether you settle down for a pint of ale or a pint of beer, it will depend on your preference. You can enjoy either of them with your friends or even alone if you prefer that. Your drink will start as a beer or ale and progress to different flavours and styles.


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