5 Things to Make any Evening Romantic and Special

Romance is always in the air at K West Hotel & Spa and they’ve always got cocktails to sip, relaxed dining and therapeutic spa treatments in chic surroundings on offer!

While you might have agreed to stay together when you put a ring on your loved one’s finger, time and lack of creativity can bring couples apart. A partner who just wants to plonk down in front of the telly and fade as the day does will soon see the relationship fading too.

The problem may just be a lack of creativity and the best 4-star hotels in London know what it takes to recharge relationship batteries.

There’s nothing like getting out and about as it gets you energised, and the K West Hotel & Spa is the perfect place for having a great time. The hotel is situated in Shepherds Bush, a district of London’s west end.

They offer superb services that will put the sparkle back in your romance.

♥ Cosy Dining

Nobody can deny that not having to whip up a meal yourself makes for a romantic, special time. The hotel’s restaurant is a cosy, romantic, relaxed place that promises music while you dine. Failing that, you can aways call room service and enjoy a cosy meal for two in your own room.

♥ Luxurious Nights

Staying over at the K West Hotel is guaranteed to be romantic and special because the rooms are spacious and the linen crisp and welcoming. The luxury bathrooms come complete with fragrant designer toiletries.

♥ Spa Treatments

If you book an overnight stay in a deluxe room, you get to choose a complimentary treatment from the selection which is guaranteed to be a treat. The award-winning K Spa offers lots of other luxurious treatments in the herbal steam room, the hydrotherapy pool or take your pick from a choice of fragrant foot baths.

♥ You’re Connected

Some people, no matter how romantic the evening, can’t pull themselves away from their mobile devices, and the stylish rooms at K West are geared to ensure that if you have to be connected, there’s smart TVs, free wifi access, in-room tablets and smartphones.

♥ Music Dates

There is so much to delight at the K West Hotel, and you might relish an evening spent at the Studio Bar. You’ll be served light snacks and cocktails, and over the weekends you’ll find a live DJ.

Looking for a great getaway for a night or two or maybe even longer? The K West Hotel is well situated to get around, and it has all you need for a great stay. It is peaceful, trendy and accommodating, and is recommended for anyone wanting to rekindle their romance.


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