5 things to do off the Beaten Track in Bangkok

Bangkok is a city that is full of wonderful cultural experiences, good food and architectural wonders. However, when the name comes into the minds of would be visitors, only a few places such as the Grand Palace, Wat Pho and MBK come to their minds. There are other amazing things to do in Bangkok Thailand if travellers choose to go off the beaten path. Here are some of these activities.

Take a Boat Ride along KhlongSaenSaep

A boat ride along Khlong Saen Saep feels like sailing on canals in Venice. Visitors enjoy the beauty of its greenery and friendly faces of the locals a few kilometres from their Lancaster Bangkok hotel room. This canal runs for 72 kilometres through 21 districts and numerous market stops along the river. Travellers can take a part of the distance at 8 to 20- baht, depending on the length of the ride.

Buy a Souvenir from Papaya Vintage Market

For blockbuster movie and cartoon lovers or historians, the Papaya Vintage Shop provides all the strange things one would find in movies from Vespas, life-sized figurines such as Batman, Spiderman and Wolverine and antique wooden pieces. The shop is filled with everything strange that one can imagine. It is the place to get a unique gift to take back home.

Visit the Shrine of Goddess Tubtim

Goddess Tubtim is a female goddess of fertility. On the shrine, one finds everything about fertility from hundreds of wooden penises, jasmine, lotus, wooden carvings and ribbon decorations. Women who are trying to conceive visit the shrine and make an offering to increase the success rates of conceiving. This shrine looks strange and amazing and is located in a serene green location.

Visit Huai Khwang Night Market

Locals are the main customers at the HuaiKhwang night market. It is a place one would find authentic Thai merchandise and food. One can buy traditional attire and hats and enjoy food and snack in roadside restaurants. Items here are a lot cheaper than in many of the markets known to visitors. The area is relatively safe to visit during the night and not far from the Lancaster Bangkok hotel.

Get Spooked at Bangkok Forensic Museum

The Bangkok Forensic Museum does not show historical artifacts but cadavers for medical and forensic purposes. The bodies displayed are those of accident victims, convicted murderers and serial killers. One can also find stored parasites such as tapeworms and roundworms. The museum is creepy and informative in equal measure.


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