Tips for Organizing an Eco-Friendly Holiday

Holidays come with a great opportunity of having a more eco-friendly celebration. Use these tips to make holidays joyful in spirit as well as gentle on the environment.

Carbon Offsets for Your Holiday Travel

People often hope on buses, trains and planes to be with family and friends for the holidays. However, greenhouse emissions from transportation are known to be a big contributor to climate change and global warming and are one of the country’s largest sources of emissions. To have an eco-friendly holiday, offset the emissions through carbon offsets. A carbon offset project is any action that intends to compensate for carbon dioxide emission into the atmosphere due to human activity, particularly when quantified and sold as part of a commercial scheme.

Stay at the Right Place

Holidaymakers should choose environmentally friendly accommodation. Go for hotels that have effective waste treatment systems, are energy efficient, recycle and use environmentally friendly energy sources like hydroelectric power or solar energy.

Save Water

Holidaymakers should use water responsibly when enjoying their holiday. Turn off the water when brushing teeth and shorten showering time to 2 to 5 minutes. If the visitor wants to take a bath, they should plug the tub before they start running the water, and then adjust the temperature accordingly. Also, changing towels only when it is necessary saves resources.

Choose a Vegan or Vegetarian Meal

Visitors can reduce their carbon print by avoiding the temptation of over-indulgence and going for a vegan or vegetarian meal. Avoid food that came from animals, such as eggs, meat and dairy product, including yoghurt, cheese and milk. Look for in-season vegetables and goods bearing sustainable certification seals like tea, chocolate and coffee.

Choose the Right Souvenir

Visitors who want to get something as a souvenir should get something useful and check the condition under which it was produced. For instance, visitors can buy olive oil, wine or spice; these are local products that they can use at home. Avoid purchasing products made from endangered species, such as animal body parts and hides, coral, ivory or tortoise-shell. These products can also be illegal. Here is a site showing eco-friendly shops in London

Choose Simple, Plant-based Soaps to Make Hands Soft for Handshakes

Chemical-laden soaps strip hands of the natural moisture. Instead, use plant-based soaps free from dyes and chemicals.

London is a great place to visit any time of year, but to have a wonderful eco friendly holiday, book accommodation early at Royal Lancaster London. This 5-star London hotel is environmentally friendly and offers top-notch service.


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